Our Service includes:

  • Family Medicine

  • Out-patient clinics for men, women , children and the elderly

  • Comprehensive health screening

  • Well man, woman and child clinic services

  • Pre-employment health checks

  • Occupational health services

  • Travel health services

  • School health services

  • Adolescent health

  • Immunization

  • Counseling clinic

  • HIV treatment/care

  • Life style clinic (including weight, diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol monitoring and treatment)

  • Family planning

  • Specialist care by visiting physicians whenever necessary (including psychiatry, dermatology,internal medicine, gynaecology/obstetrics, paediatrics, ophthalmology, orhtopaedics, ENT specialists )

  • In-patient services/observation ward

  • Home based care/ home visits

  • Ambulance service

  • Surgeries

  • Pharmacy

  • Laboratory services

  • Nursing services

  • Ultrasound and ECG facilities

  • Consultancy

  • Community outreach

  • Continuing medical education for health care providers

  • Research

Our client-centered approach demonstrates a compelling example of Hospitals’ commitment to true collaboration with our patients and their families both now and in the future.

Here at Royal Victoria Clinic, our priority is our patients because we understand the value of lives; we promote ethical practices and our medical team is committed to providing excellent and compassionate services with the best professionalism and hospitality. We are very sensitive to our patients’ needs for autonomy and privacy. Our team is trained to respect cultural, religious, national, economic and social diversities.

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