About Us

Our Mission

We recognize the value of every person, hence our mission is to serve healthcare needs in a very cost-effective way. With a focus guided by our commitment to excellence, care compassion the safety of our patients. We demonstrate this by

  • providing high quality accessible and comprehensive patient/family-centred health care with unrelenting attention to clinical excellence, patient safety, and passion to assure the very best healthcare for those we serve
  • Building a work environment where each person is valued, respected and has an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Our Vision

We will continue to distinguish ourselves as a leading health facility and be the preferred health care provider of choice for patients, physicians, employees and the academic community in our region and beyond.


Our Core Values

  • Excellent service – To deliver the highest quality of care, we strive to exceed the expectations of those we serve through a continuous focus on improvement, safety, innovation, research and education.
  • Integrity- We approach our work with the highest standards of openness, honesty, and ethical behavior, with freedom from any inappropriate influence or motive.
  • Compassion – We serve others with empathy and desire to alleviate their suffering while honoring each individual’s dignity and privacy.
  • People – We respect each person as a member of our team and we work together in a cooperative, coordinated and supportive environment that places the organizations goals before individual goals.


Royal Victoria clinics Ltd is a group of Health Centres that are committed to providing easy access to quality, cost-effective health services for residents within Abuja and its environs.

Currently, it is made up of two health facilities; A Medical centre and an Annex Located at Golden Spring Estate and City View, Phase One Estate, Duboyi District off Lokogoma expressway, Abuja FCT. We are a patient focused hospital, hence both our centres are uniquely situated around residential and commercial areas, easily accessible to housing estates, schools, offices, other corporate establishments amongst others to improve accessibility and further expansion.

Royal Victoria Clinics was established in April 2013, the organization is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission as a Limited Liability Company with registration number RC 1111033. It is supported by Federal Ministry of Finance, Nigeria through the Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YouWiN) programme.

Since its inception and operation commencement, the organization has made very significant progress which can be seen in its growth in scope, size and quality of service. What started as an out-patient clinic (Now serving as The Annex) has now grown to become a full-fledged Hospital (The Medical Centre). Both Centres are currently equipped with different state of the art facility, ranging from its own pharmacy, laboratory, operating theatre, delivery suite, in-patient wards, diagnostic equipment and an excellent 24 hour service.

Our Medical Director is a Consultant Family Physician with a Post Graduate Fellowship from the West African College of Physicians (WACP), a Member of the National Post Graduate Medical College of Nigeria (NPMCN), Member of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) with over 15 years clinical experience in patient care. We have put together, a strong medical team that are leaders in their field and have shown great prowess in diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Our team of nurses, lab-scientists, physicians and surgeons cuts across different medical field with the sole aid of providing you with the best medical services there is. And so, we are able to offer a wide spectrum of medical services to aid the treatment of different medical conditions:

  • Family Medicine
  • Out-patient clinics for men, women , children and the elderly
  • Comprehensive health screening
  • Well man, woman and child clinic services
  • Pre-employment health checks
  • Occupational health services
  • Travel health services
  • School health services
  • Adolescent health
  • Immunization
  • Counseling clinic
  • HIV treatment/care
  • Life style clinic (including weight, diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol monitoring and treatment)
  • Family planning
  • Specialist care by visiting physicians whenever necessary (including psychiatry, internal medicine, gynaecology, paediatrics, ophthalmology, orhtopaedics, ENT specialists )
  • In-patient services/observation ward
  • Home based care/ home visits
  • Ambulance service
  • Surgeries
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory services
  • Nursing services
  • Ultrasound and ECG facilities
  • Consultancy
  • Community outreach
  • Continuing medical education for health care providers
  • Research


Our client-centered approach demonstrates a compelling example of Hospitals’ commitment to true collaboration with our patients and their families both now and in the future. Here at Royal Victoria Clinic, our priority is our patients because we understand the value of lives; we promote ethical practices and our medical team is committed to providing excellent and compassionate services with the best professionalism and hospitality. We are very sensitive to our patients’ needs for autonomy and privacy. Our team is trained to respect cultural, religious, national, economic and social diversities.

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